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Welcome to VYF Agency

On this website, you’ll find advices concerning tourism and our best resources. We will also give you our opinion on airlines, restaurants, activities and more.

Scroll down to see a sneak peak of what our website will be about! Just to le you know, we put the accent on open-mindedness, multiculturalism, fun and Movement.

Enjoy your trip through this website. We take you with us on a journey around the world.

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French Riviera


You like discovering things about traveling and tourism that are totally different from what you usually experience? You are a curious spirit or a traveler looking out for experiences totally far from the ones you had to deal with before?

Here is your mine of gold.

With honesty, authenticity, facts and sharing, we really deliver to you our opinions about activities we’ve experienced or we’ve heard of from our sphere of close contacts (friends or family). Once again our goal is to build trust and change the perspective of travel that people have worldwide. Tourism is not a boring thing when you know what to do exactly. Culture can be fun and you can get knowledge with tips that are really cool.

We defend eccentricity here because we want you to enjoy the experiences as much as we enjoyed them. But we also want you to love reading as much as we loved writing you these articles.

We want to reach the excellence so you have the best tools to plan an amazing travel with many plans. As you can see, we made sections of continents so if you already had a dream country, we try to satisfy you the best way we can. We also have a multicultural background so we give you a large view over the world’s travel. Concerning cultures, we are all from different countries so through our perspective, you can see the different opinions through our eyes.

We respond to your questions as we can because we believe there are still golden undiscovered things to do in this world.

Give yourself a chance and whether you’re a traveller or just an interested person, get into this journey with us.